Thursday, July 17, 2008

Select 17 Camp Report

Team Black

Drew Shore(DU recruit)-Finished with a very respectable 7 points and was really a catalyst for this team. One of the most talented forwards at the camp.

Alex Wideman(Miami recruit)-Played with Shore and was a great playmaker all week. A little small, but excellent offensively.

Tyler Pitlick(Minnesota State recruit)-Has all the physical tools; a great skater, good hands, good size. He just needs to put it all together to become a great player.

Collin Bowman(WHL)-Had a great year with Kelowna last year, and looked very good here. He’s added a lot of strength recently and should be an excellent prospect to watch next year.

Eric Johnson-Played really well on Wednesday. Not flashy but a very solid defender.

Zach Marginsky-He’ll get a lot of looks because he’s a very legitimate 6’6” tall. He can move around fairly well for his size.

Gold Team

Tyler Brickler-Had a very brief stint with the Lincoln Stars last year. He should have a big year next year in the USHL. Very talented forward.

Stephen Obarzanek-Had a great week statistically. He’s got good size and can throw his weight around, and showed some nice scoring touch this week.

William Wrenn(DU recruit)- Excellent defender. Good shot. Plays with a bit of temper. I thought he played very well.

Nick Oliver(St. Cloud recruit)- Skating still needs a lot of work, but he’s always working hard.
Sean Casey-Big defenseman from Florida that has some potential.

Lee Winston-Not the most skilled player, but always willing to get his nose dirty.

Green Team

Zach Budish(Minnesota recruit)- Physically dominated everyone at the camp.

Tyler Voight-Excellent along the boards.

Eamonn McDermott- Very small for a defenseman, but extremely quick and smooth with the puck.

Mike Montrose-Showed the ability to jump into the play occasionally. Good talent, but got caught out of position a few times.

Grey Team

Joey Zarbo(Clarkson recruit)-Very speedy, good offensive talent.

Matthew White-I was a little surprised he didn’t score more points. A big power forward with a lot of skill.

Kenny Ryan(BC recruit)-Played pretty well on Wednesday. Injured and didn’t play on Saturday.

Joe Rogalski(OHL)-Big stay-at-home defenseman.

Josh Birkholz(Minnesota recruit)-A ton of talent. Attitude has been the biggest question with him.


Brad Smith(OSU recruit)- Played very well. His lack of size may keep him from being an NHL prospect, but he should be an excellent college player.

David Valek-Was playing with a soft cast on his wrist, but still one of the best power forwards at the camp. It’s surprising that he hasn’t chosen a college yet.

Sam Alfieri-Played with Smith and Valek on Wednesday and the line was nearly unstoppable.

Dan Furlong-Good skater that moves the puck well.

Sam Calabrese(Notre Dame recruit)-Not as dominant as he was at the Select 15s, but still very good. He’s grown a little bit, so he’s not as quick, but he’s still very agile. Probably not a superstar, but a very good player.

John Ramage-Big defenseman that skates really well. Of the defenseman that played Jr. A last year, Ramage was probably the best.

Joey Rehkamp-Quick and skilled, but still very small.

Navy Team

Brad Robbins-A little guy, but he’s not afraid to go to the front of the net to score goals. Played very well both days.

Paul Phillips(DU recruit)-Played solid both days, but didn’t really stand out to me.

Nick Mattson(North Dakota recruit)-Not very flashy, but played well all week. Moved the puck well and did a nice job on defense.

Caleb Herbert-Very speedy and scored a couple of goals on the week.

Brendan Rempel-Very big defenseman. If he improves his skating a little bit, he could be an excellent player.

Patrick Wey-Didn’t play his best on Wednesday, but looked good on Saturday.

Orange Team

Ryan Walters(Minnesota recruit)- Always making things happen in the offensive zone.

Kevin Cole(Cornell recruit)-One of the best players on Wednesday. Very fast.

Blake Coleman-Scored a lot of points over the course of the week.

Nick Lovejoy(Clarkson recruit)-Big, young defenseman with a lot of ability

Tyler Amburgey-Great size and strength. Still a little raw defensively but has a lot of potential.

David Johnstone(Michigan State recruit)-Kind of a quiet week, but chipped in a couple of points. Comfortable in the offensive zone with a decent snap shot.

Purple Team

Garrett Orhn-Good defenseman, but needs to add a lot of strength to play at the college level.

Brad Walch-Not a dominating performance, and got called for a few bad penalties, but plays pretty good defense. A good combination of size and skating.

Cody Murphy-Never really able to put things together and score like he is capable of, but is still incredibly talented. A good skater with excellent finishing ability.

Jay Camper-Played very well. Good poise with the puck.

AJ Treais(Michigan recruit)-Lack of size is starting to catch up to him a little bit, but still an amazing stickhandler.

Kit Sitterley- Very impressive. He’s underrated because he comes from a non-traditional hockey area, but is a very solid player.

Red Team

Brian Dumoulin- Big defenseman that can really skate.

Nate Schmidt(Minnesota recruit)-Not as impressive as he was at the Select 15s since he doesn’t physically dominate over everyone anymore, but he’s still a very good player, and looks more comfortable playing defense now.

Richie Crowley-Surprised he hasn’t made a college commitment yet. Very poised and responsible on the blueline all week.

Chris Brown(Michigan recruit)-Played like a bull in a china shop, which didn’t work well with the tight officiating, but a very impressive prospect. He skates extremely well for his size and isn’t afraid to throw his weight around. One of the more impressive forwards at the cap.

Nick Widing-Didn’t stand out much for Hill-Murray last year, but was more of an offensive threat here.

Anthony Hamburg-Consistently the most dangerous offensive threat for his team. Very skilled.

Royal Team

Mark Alt(Minnesota recruit)-Huge defenseman that is incredibly athletic. Should be a very high draft pick in 2010.

Mac Bennett(Michigan recruit)-Always calm, cool and collected. Had the most poise with the puck of any defenseman at the camp.

Beau Bennett-Leading scorer at the camp thanks to a big game on Saturday. Not flashy, but very effective.

Michael Pereira-Always in the middle of things offensively.

Teal Team

Beau Schmitz(OHL)-Great skater. Played the game a higher level than everyone else. Didn’t play on Saturday and his team really struggled without him.

Torey Krug-A small defenseman, but works hard and plays smart defense.

Ryan Reilly-One of the smaller forwards at the camp, but very speedy and a good playmaker.

Matt Tabrum-A solid player that understands the game very well.

Kevin Lynch(Michigan recruit)-Not incredibly flashy skillwise, but he always seemed to be in the middle of the play in the offensive and defensive zones, and always seemed to be making things happen.

White Team

Nick Leddy(Minnesota recruit)-One of the best skating defenseman at the camp. Really starting to develop into an excellent player.

Ben Hughes-Smart, poised defenseman with decent size and excellent skating. Should do well at the Jr. A level next season.

Kyle Beattie-Needs to add a little weight, but once he does, he should be an excellent player. Great skills and hockey sense.

Shane Berschbach- Doesn’t get a lot of hype because he’s so small, but always finds a way to score points.

Steven Whitney(BC recruit)-Not a dominating performance like the past two Select camps, but still one of the most skilled players on the ice.

Nate Heng(Nebraska-Omaha recruit)-Great stickhandler and playmaker. Can make something happen every time he touches the puck.

It’s difficult to judge the goalies over such a short time, but a couple that stood out to me were Max Fenkell, Cab Morris, Matthew Skoff, Branden Komm, and Eric Ferber