Saturday, January 27, 2007

Women's Hockey Game Notes

Wisconsin was a pretty impressive team. Minnesota State coach Jeff Vizenor seemed to think that they were the best team in the country.

Wisconsin just had such a speed advantage that they were able to dominate the game. Their defenseman were able to take a lot of chances offensively, and if they did get caught, they had the speed to recover.

For as good as Wisconsin was, they actually had some trouble breaking their puck out of the zone when they got the puck in deep.

My frame of reference in terms of women's college is so incredibly limited, but if there was a team that could match Wisconsin's speed, I could see them being a little vulnerable in those respects.

Sara is just an outstanding player. The comparison I would make it to Colorado College's Marty Sertich. She's great at controlling the puck along the sideboards and finding a passing lane to set up a teammate for an open shot.

Defenseman Meaghan Mikkelson is the sister of WHL player and Anaheim Ducks top prospect Brendan Mikkelson. Meaghan played an outstanding game today and looks like a great player.

Bauer's last goal came with less a minute left, and though Vizenor wouldn't comment on it, he did not look pleased that Wisconsin's top line was out with less than a minute and scoring a goal.