Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quotes from the Tournament

Here are a few quotes from the tournament that I thought were worth sharing:

“When I applied for this job, it was made very clear to me that we would playing in Class AA, and that we would always be playing AA.” Roseau coach Scott Oliver on Roseau’s decision to play up in Class AA.

“I didn’t want to rub it in, because then if they score after that, you look like a jerk”-Hermantown goalie Nate Hardy on the glove save he made in the third period of the state championship while laying on his back.

“I’m sure there’s some deep meaning and significance to it. I’m just glad they picked something old enough that I’ve heard of it, and that it has words that I can actually understand.” Rochester Century coach Bruce Frutiger on his team’s tradition of playing “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond and “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson after a win.

“I thought he hooked our defenseman, so I didn’t think we had to make an adjustment so much as the official had to adjust.” Hermantown’s Bruce Plante on whether his team had to adjust after Jared Festler’s first period goal on Wednesday.

“He’s got more moves than a barrel of worms.” Warroad coach Bruce Olson describing senior forward Bryce Ravndalen.

“That game right there is the best example of why I came back” Grand Rapids’ Pat White, on why he chose to play for Grand Rapids for his senior season.

“This is for all the dads that went out with hoses and put ice on the rinks.” Hermantown defenseman Chad Huttel after winning the state title.

“We’re young. We’re here and we’re not making any excuses, but we have 15 new jerseys from last year, and some of those new guys didn’t quite know how to handle that. If all goes well, all those 15 guys will be back, and better, and maybe we’ll be here too.” Hill-Murray coach Bill Lechner on Hill-Murray’s inexperience.

“They’re going to continue to do great things in hockey, but I’m confident that they’re all going to make a difference in life, wherever they go. When you have that type of group of guys, it makes you thrilled to see them succeed.” Frutiger talking about his team after their 6-5 OT victory over Hill-Murray.