Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sioux Falls Camp Report

Here are the rosters from Sioux Falls Tryout Camp All-Star game. Sioux Falls also had had a recap of the game I saw.

White's top line featured returning '89 birthdates Jake Hansen, Robbie Vrolyk, along with former Buffalo(MN)forward Ross Trousdale. I was really surprised when I checked back and saw that this line didn't have any points. Hansen and Vrolyk were easily the two best players on the ice. Vrolyk is an east coast kid that isn't that big, but is very quick. Hansen was the best player I saw all day. He's got a great combination of speed, strength and hard work. He's very fun to watch.

Michael Juola was the LA Jr. Kings was probably the next best forward for the White team. I was once again impressed with Minnetonka HS defenseman Anthony Raiola. Raiola will be a senior at Minnetonka, but he's talented enough to play in the USHL. Duluth recruit Scott Kishel has a lot of talent, but I think his decision-making needs to get a little better before he's ready for college hockey. He had one awful turnover in his own zone that led directly to a goal. I'm sure a year of playing in the USHL will help that. Max Grover played a solid, dependable game and should make the team.

Jordy Christian probably would have been Blue's best player, but he wasn't playing on Sunday night. Jack Connolly was probably Blue's best forward. It was a little difficult for him to be as creative with unfamiliar linemates, but he was still fun to watch. Team Illinois' Marc Rodriguez scored a nice goal and looks like he has a lot of offensive talent. Travis Belohrad, from Colorado, was the only '91 birthdate to make the all-star game and he didn't look out of place. Nick Dineen is a very nice two-way player.

On defense, Sam Zabkowicz had a rough first half of the game. He was one of the better players on the ice, but looked like he was trying to force things too much, and made some bad decisions. He settled down and played very well in the second half though. Dallas' Kris Reinthaler played a nice game and scored a pretty goal. Ian Ruel is a very physical defenseman, but I don't think he's ready for the USHL level yet.

All in all, Sioux Falls looked like they'll have another very good team next season. I think that Hansen will be one of the league's best players, and they'll get great leadership from some of the '87 birthdates on the team.