Monday, September 24, 2007

NAHL Showcase/Midget Showcase '93 Birthdates

Rocco Grimaldi, Forward, Little Caesar’s U16-This was my first chance to get to see him. I had heard some mixed reports on him in the past, but I was very impressed. He’s a little guy that can stickhandle around anyone. He really reminds me of Jordan Schroeder. He should be a nice college player.

Colin Jacobs, Forward, Texas Attack U16-This was my first chance to see a kid who is already being hyped as one of the top ‘93s. I was glad I got to see him two different days. The first day, he didn’t do much. The second day, he showed what all the hype was about. He’s a very nice skater. His skating reminded me of Danny Kristo, when Kristo was a freshman. He’s also got an amazing wrist shot. I was really surprised that someone his size could get that kind of pace on a shot. His puck control was also superb, and he made a couple great passes to open teammates on the powerplay. I’m sure that there will be another battle between the NCAA and WHL for his services, and unfortunately, for a player that good that young, I’d think the WHL would have an advantage.

Seth Ambroz, Forward, Russell Stover U16-It seems like he’s grown quite a bit since last year. He looked pretty good for being a year younger than everyone else.

Andrew Ryan, Defenseman, Victory Honda U16-Already 6’2” 185 lbs. He looks like he has a lot of potential.