Tuesday, May 15, 2007

USHL Draft Live Blog

Here are the results from this year's USHL Entry Draft. For more information, check out the Western College Hockey Blog

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1st Round 1st Overall Chicago Selects: Will Weber, Gaylord HS(MI)

I thought Weber might go first overall. He's a big, offensive-minded defenseman that is an excellent skater. He kind of reminds me of Derrick Lapoint last year. He's committed to Miami for 2008.

1st Round 2nd Overall Ohio Selects: Alden Hirschfeld, Mahoning Valley(NAHL)

8th Round 77th Overall Green Bay Selects: Taylor Johnson, White Bear Lake

Johnson is a very talented defenseman from White Bear Lake. I believe he'll be a senior next season, so he might only play before/after the USHL season.

8th Round 78th Overall Waterloo Selects: Matt Marshall, Nobles Prep

One of the more talented players from out East.

Sioux City done drafting in Phase 1 of the draft
I don't remember a lot about Hirschfeld after seeing him early in the year, but he is also committed to Miami for 2008.

1st Round 3rd Overall Green Bay Selects: Joe Schiller, Detroit Lakes HS

I didn't think Schiller would go this high. He's an excellent stickhandler/playmaker with pretty decent size. He's committed to Minnesota State for 2008.

1st Round 4th Overall Indiana Selects: Pat Cullen, Washington Jr. Nationals

Cullen is an interesting prospect, because he played in such a non-traditional area. He had an excellent year, but was playing HS hockey in Maryland. He's committed to RPI for 2008.

1st Round 5th Overall Des Moines Selects: Trent Vogelhuber, St. Louis Jr. Bandits(NAHL)

The third Miami recruit in the first round of the draft. I can't say I know a whole lot about him.

1st Round 6th Overall Sioux City Selects: Adam Hout, LA Jr. Kings

Pretty nice defenseman. The Jr. Kings had a lot of very talented players last season.

1st Round 7th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Jack Connolly, Duluth Marshall HS

I'm a huge fan of Connolly. He's small, but an excellent passer and stickhandler. He's very fun to watch. He'll also more than likely be playing two years in the USHL, so a great pick-up for Sioux Falls.

1st Round 8th Overall Chicago Selects: Aaron Schmidt, Culver

Linconln traded this pick to Chicago. I didn't get to see Culver play this year.

1st Round 9th Overall Tri-City Selects: Mike Cichy, Boston Jr. Bruins

A bit of a gamble, but a nice pick. Cichy left the NTDP and went to play for the Jr. Bruins. He'll likely play in the USHL next season, though the QMJHL will probably still make a big push for him this summer.

1st Round 10th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Matt Donovan, Dallas AAA

1st Round 11th Overall Omaha Selects: Donny Harris, NW Regulators AAA

I'm not even sure who the NW Regulators are.

1st Round 12th Overall Waterloo Selects: Drew McKenzie, Taft School

6th defenseman of the first round. McKenzie is committed to Vermont.

2nd Round 13th Overall Chicago Selects: Andrew Miller, Cranbrook Kingswood

The Steel pick up the other big prospect out of Michigan HS hockey. Miller is a smaller player, but has great hands and good scoring ability. He should be a very nice player. He's committed to Yale.

2nd Round 14th Overall Ohio Selects: Matt Leitner, Anaheim Jr. Ducks

Didn't get a chance to see Anaheim play this year.

2nd Round 15 Overall Green Bay Selects: Christian Morrissette, St. Andrews College

Committed to RPI.

2nd Round 16th Overall Indiana Selects: Timothy Syner, NO Jr. Falcons(EJHL)

2nd Round 17th Overall Des Moines Selects: Locke Jillison

Good skater and a solid two-way player. Committed to Cornell.

2nd Round 18th Overall Sioux City Selects: Steve Quailr, Rocky Mountain Wranglers

2nd Round 19th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Gabe Guentzel, Southern Minnesota Express(NAHL)

Guentzel's brother played at Sioux Falls as well. Gaber is a decent defender that doesn't really stand out, but plays a smart, quiet game.

2nd Round 20th Overall Lincoln Selects: Jeff Cecacci, Surrey Eagles(BCHL)

Only listed at 5'8". 1988 birthdate. 21 points in 53 games this year as a defenseman.

2nd Round 21st Overall Tri-City Selects: David Carle, Shattuck-St. Mary's

Carle may be ready to make the jump to the USHL next season. He's not a superstar like his brother, but he has a pretty decent mix of size and skill and should be a solid player in the USHL.

2nd Round 22nd Overall Indiana Selects: Corbin McPherson, Cowichan Valley(BCHL)

Pick traded from Cedar Rapids.

2nd Round 23rd Overall Omaha Selects: Aaron Lewadniuk, Winkler(MJHL)

Committed to Bemidji State.

2nd Round 24th Overall Waterloo Selects: Chad Billins, Alpena(NAHL)

I really like Billins. He's not huge, but he is a very smart, responsible defenseman. He's committed to Ferris State.

3rd Round 25th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Michael Juola, LA Jr. Kings

Juola is a very talented forward. He's got good skating ability and can shoot the puck.

3rd Round 26th Overall Tri-City Selects: Chris Franks, Burnsville HS

I'm really surprised that Franks lasted this long. He's a big defenseman that has great offensive potential, including a huge shot from the point.

3rd Round 27th Overall Green Bay Selects: Phil Ginand, NE Jr. Huskies

3rd Round 28th Overall Indiana Selects: Peter Boyd, Northwood School

3rd Round 29th Overall Lincoln Selects: Hunter Bishop, Vernon(BCHL)

Bishop left North Dakota midway through last year, and will be looking to find another school to play at.

3rd Round 30th Overall Sioux City Selects: Will MacDonald, Culver Academy

<3rd Round 31st Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Tom Healy, Team Illinois/span>

3rd Round 32nd Overall Tri-City Selects: Colin Smith, Belle Tire

3rd Round 33rd Overall Tri-City Selects: Nick Jaskowiak, Salisbury Prep

Had committed to Harvard, though there are rumors that that offer is no longer there.

3rd Round 34th Overall Cedar Rapids: Jesse Brown, Syracuse Stars

3rd Round 35th Overall Omaha Selects: Jake Sloat, Colorado Thunderbirds

3rd Round 36th Overall Waterloo Selects: Ryan Kretzer, Springfield(NAHL)

4th Round 37th Overall Indiana Selects: Brian Harrison, Chicago Chill

4th Round 38th Overall Lincoln Selects: Dennis Brown, LA Jr. Kings

Brown is an underrated defenseman. He can skate very well and is excellent at moving the puck.

4th Round 39th Overall Green Bay Selects: Stephen Carew, Benilde-St. Margaret's

Good finishing ability.

4th Round 40th Overall Indiana Selects: Scott Darling

The first goalie of the draft isn't picked until the 4th round. Darlings is committed to Maine.

4th Round 41st Overall Des Moines Selects: Adam Henderson, Spruce Grove(AJHL)

Henderson is committed to Michigan State. He's a very talented 1990 birthdate. A nice pick-up for Des Moines if he decides to play in the US.

4th Round 42 Overall Ohio Selects: Zach Trotman, Victory Honda

4th Round 43rd Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Vince Mihalek, Gilmour Academy

4th Round 44th Overall Lincoln Selects: Kyle Delaurell, Colorado Rampage

4th Round 45th Overall Tri-City Selects: Brett Beebe, Anaheim Alliance

Beebe was one of the leading scorers at last summer's Select 16 Festival.

4th Round 46th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Justin Bruckel, Syracuse Stars

4th Round 47th Overall Des Moines Selects: Miles Winter, Mahoning Valley(NAHL)

4th Round 48th Overall Ohio Selects: Dalton Speelman, San Jose AAA

5th Round 49th Overall Green Bay Selects: Chris Connolly, Fargo-Moorhead(NAHL)

Connolly is Jack's older brother. Chris is a very talented offensive player. If he can get a good college scholarship offer for next season, he'd likely take note, but if not, he'd be an excellent overage player in the USHL.

5th Round 50th Overall Des Moines Selects: J.P. Maley

5th Round 51st Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Jordan Singer, Centennial HS

Singer did well at the Chicago Showcase Tournament.

5th Round 52nd Overall Chicago Selects: Brian Dowd Thayer Academy

5th Round 53rd Overall Omaha Selects: Jake Hausworth, Marquette Electros

5th Round 54th Overall Sioux City Selects: Jarrod Mermis, St. Louis Jr. B

5th Round 55th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Augie Hoffman, Valley Jr. Warriors

5th Round 56th Overall Tri-City Selects: Ian O'Brien, Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins

Only the second goalie drafted.

5th Round 57th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Terry Broadhurst

5th Round 58th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Kyle Flanagan, Cornwall

5th Round 59th Overall Omaha Selects: Richard Manley, Chicago Steel(USHL)

Apparently Chicago didn't keep him on their protected roster. Manley was with the NTDP before leaving for the USHL.

<5th Round 60th Overall Waterlook Selects: Chris Slavik, Elk River HS

Slavik is a pretty good defenseman. He was a bit overshadowed by teammate Brandon Martell this year, but he definitely has D1 talent.

6th Round 61st Overall, Chicago Selects: Eric Alexander, East Kentwood HS

Chicago continues to pick top MI HS players, and they get probably the third best player in the state in Alexander.

Ohio done drafting in Phase 1 of draft

6th Round 63rd Overall Green Bay Selects: Brian Yanovitch, Bridgewater

6th Round 64th Overall Chicago Selects: Spencer Anderson, Brampton(OPJHL)

Des Moines done drafting in Phase 1 of the draft

6th Round 64th Overall Sioux City Selects: Steve Thompson, Vernon(BCHL)

6th Round 65th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Sean Escobedo, Apple Core(EJHL)

Indiana done drafting in Phase 1 of the draft

6th Round 66th Overall Tri-City Selects: Tom Kleidon, Santa Fe(NAHL)

6th Round 67th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Paul Phillips, Chicago Chill

I believe he's the first 1991 birthdate drafted in this draft. He tried out for the NTDP team recently, but hasn't been selected for the team.

6th Round 68th Overall Omaha Selects: Joe Sova, Sioux City(USHL)

Apparently Sioux City wasn't holding on to Sova.

6th Round 69th Overall Waterloo Selects: Kory Kaunisto, Traverse City(NAHL)

Talented forward. Already committed to Northern Michigan.

7th Round 70th Overall Chicago Selects: Barron Smith, Chicago Mission

Smith is a '91, but very big for his age. He could have a chance to play for his hometown team next season.

Chicago done drafting in phase 1 of the draft

7th Round 71st Overall Sioux City Selects: Ben Kinne, Santa Fe(NAHL)

Kinne played at Cretin-Derham Hall HS in Minnesota. Not a huge player, but a hard worker with some decent skill.

7th Round 72nd Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Garrett Chumley, Cambridge HS

Chumley is a nice playmaker that racked up a lot of points at a smaller high school.

7th Round 73rd Overall Lincoln Selects: Jake Newton, Texas Tornado

Tri-City done drafting in phase 1 of draft

7th Round 74th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Jeff Velleca, New England Falcons

7th Round 75th Overall Omaha Selects: Nick Thielen, Moorhead HS

7th Round 76th Overall Waterloo Selects: Kevin Nugent, Taft Prep

Nugent recently committed to Notre Dame. Apparently there is a chance that he could wait to join the Irish until 2008.

7th Round 79th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Kristof Reinthaler, Dallas AAA

8th Round 80th Overall Lincoln Selects: Corey Hibbeler, Culver Academy

8th Round 81st Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Bryce Aneloski, Team Illinois

Omaha is done drafting in Phase 1 of the draft

Round 8 82nd Overall Lincoln Selects: Mark Silverman, Victory Honda

Silverman is an excellent student, and has been looked at by some Ivy League schools.

Round 9 83rd Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Dan Ford, Syracuse Stars

Cedar Rapids is loving the Eastern kids this year.

Round 10 84th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Gustav Bengston, NW Regulators

That completes Phase 1 of the drafting period.

Phase 2 of the Drafting Period

Round 11 85th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Bobby Gutsch, Duluth Marshall

Gutsch has potential to make CR's team, and do quite well. He's a big hitter with decent hands. Marshall's Rob Bordson had a great year for CR last season, and Gutsch could do the same.

Round 11 86th Overall Ohio Selects: Jordy Murray, Shattuck-St. Mary's

Probably a flier. I'd guess Murray returns to Shattuck for next season.

Round 11 87th Overall Green Bay Selects: Keegan Flaherty, Duluth East HS

Flaherty is a nice player, that could try to play for GB before/after the HS season.

11th Round 88th Overall Indiana Selects: Angelo Vrachnas

11th Round 89th Overall Des Moines Selects: Mike Mosher, LA Jr. Kings

Mosher is a very talented goalie.

11th Round 90th Overall Sioux City Selects: Cody Butcher, Merritt(BCHL)

11th Round 91st Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Tedd Falk, Team Wisconsin

11th Round 92nd Overall Lincoln Selects: Peter Lompado, Shattuck-St. Mary's

Another flier. Lompado will probably be playing baseball at Minnesota State next season.

11th Round 93rd Overall Tri-City Selects: Anthony DeCenzo, Hibbing HS

Another before/after HS season possibility.

11th Round 94th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Derek Arnold, Boston Jr. Bruins

11th Round 95th Overall Omaha Selects: Alex Killorn, Deerfield

Killorn is receiving some hype for this summer's NHL draft. He's committed to Harvard. He must be considering returning to Deerfield or else I think he might have gone higher.

11th Round 96th Overall Waterloo Selects: Michael Montrose, Detroit Little Caesar's

Montrose is a '91 born defenseman and is very talented.

12th Round 97th Overall Chicago Selects: Mark Anthione, Portland Jr. Pirates

12th Round 98th Overall Ohio Selects: Brian Flynn, Pomfret Prep

12th Round 99th Overall Green Bay Selects: Kyle Rank, Apple Core(EJHL)

12th Round 100th Overall Indiana Selects: Brandon Bahnemann, Rochester Lourdes HS

I'm really surprised that Bahnemann lasted this long. He's a very talented prospect that is looking to play in the USHL next season. He should make Indiana's team.

12th Round 101st Overall Des Moines Selects: Jefferson Dahl, Eau Claire HS

12th Round 102nd Overall Sioux City Selects: Justin Brossman, Vernon(BCHL)

Played at Shattuck prior to playing in BCHL.

12th Round 103rd Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Jeff Rohrkemper, Grosse Pointe North HS

One of the better MI HS players this year.

12th Round 104th Overall Lincoln Selects: Brandon Richardson, Pembroke Lumber Kings

Pembroke is the program that St. Cloud's Ryan Lasch came out of.

12th Round 105th Overall Tri-City Selects: Charlie Raskob, Academy of Holy Angels

12th Round 106th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Justin Castagna, Anaheim Jr. Ducks

12th Round 107th Overall Omaha Selects: David Eddy, Woodbury HS

12th Round 108th Overall Waterloo Selects: Patrick Wey, Pittsburgh Hornets

Wey is a top 1991-born defenseman.

13th Round 109th Overall Chicago Selects: Brian O'Neill, Philly Jr. Flyers

13th Round 110th Overall Ohio Selects: Jon Merrill, Little Caesar's Midget Minor

Intresting pick. Merrill is a '92 birthdate that has already committed to Michigan.

13th Round 111th Overall Green Bay Selects: Reed Rushing, Alaska(NAHL)

13th Round 112th Overall Indiana Selects: Brandon Blandina, Lake Forest Academy

13th Round 113th Overall Des Moines Selects: David Makowski, St. Louis AAA

13th Round 114th Overall Sioux City Selects: Nate Taurence, Detroit Little Caesar's

13th Round 115th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Britton Smith, Academy of Holy Angels

Smith played very well when I saw Holy Angels play this season.

13th Round 116th Overall Lincoln Selects: Mike Guzzo, Penticton(BCHL)

13th Round 117th Overall Tri-City Selects: A.J. Treais, Little Caesar's

Treais is a '91 birthdate that is already committed to Michigan for 2009.

13th Round 118th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Robert Harrison, Mahoning Valley(NAHL)

Harrison looked like a pretty good player when I saw MV earlier this season.

13th Round 119th Overall Omaha Selects: Chris Ciotti, Gilmour Academy

13th Round 120th Overall Waterloo Selects: Corey Fienhage, Eastview HS

14th Round 121st Overall Chicago Selects: Zach Golembiewski, Belle Tire

Golembiewski seems to have been playing very well of late, and could be an excellent prospect. He's a '91 birthdate.

14th Round 122nd Overall Ohio Selects: Randy Wolcott, Avon Old Farms

14th Round 123rd Overall Green Bay Selects: Aaron Shiborowski, Benidle-St. Margaret's

Shiborowski is a talented puck-moving defenseman. He suffered a knee sprain at the Great 8 which might have dropped his stock a little, but he's still very talented.

14th Round 124th Overall Indiana Selects: Justin Jokinen, Cloquet HS

Jokinen is a talented player, that did well at the Great 8/Chicago Showcase.

14th Round 125th Overall Des Moines Selects: Jake Gardiner, Minnetonka HS

14th Round 126th Overall Sioux City Selects: Kyle Lundey, Dubuque(MNJHL)

The first Minnesota Jr. B selection.

14th Round 127th Overall Sioux Falls Selects: Milan Luziach, Rocky Mountain AAA

14th Round 128th Overall Lincoln Selects: Spencer McMillan, St. Paul Academy

14th Round 129th Overall Tri-City Selects: Hakan Yumusaklar, Lakeville South HS

A goalie that seems like kind of a late-bloomer. He could surprise some people.

14th Round 130th Overall Cedar Rapids Selects: Sean Coughlin, Cushing Academy

14th Round 131st Overall Omaha Selects: Edwin Shea, Boston Jr. Bruins

Shea is a BC commit that will likely stay at his prep school instead of going to the USHL.

14th Round 132nd Overall Waterloo Selects: Jordan Samuels-Thomas, Hartford Jr. Wolfpack

There's still a couple more rounds of the draft, but I'm gonna stop there. I'll update if anything major happens.

Worthy of Update #1- Indiana selected super-kid John Tavares in the 15th round. I can't imagine a scenario where he would end up in the USHL, but if he did, Indiana would look like freakin' geniuses.