Friday, May 25, 2007

WCHA Goalies


The Situation: Jon Olthuis is back for his second year, along with freshman Matt Gordon.

Survey Says: Olthuis should be the starter, at least to start the season. If Gordon plays well, he may earn more playing time.

Colorado College

The Situation: The Tigers lose Matt Zaba. Junior Drew O'Connell was highly-touted coming out of juniors, but has struggled whenever he has gotten playing time. Freshman Richard Bachmann started off slowly in the USHL, but played well in the second half of the season.

Survey Says: The door is wide open for Bachmann to earn the starting role. Goaltending probably won't be a strong point for the Tigers though.


The Situation: Peter Mannino is back for his final year, and should be backed up by freshman Marc Cheverie.

Survey Says: Cheverie struggled this past season in juniors. Mannino shouldn't face a ton of competition for playing time.

Michigan Tech

The Situation: The Huskies return two top goalies in Michael-Lee Teslak and Robbie Nolan.

Survey Says: The Huskies duo should be one of the best in the nation.


The Situation: Junior Jeff Frazee and freshman Alex Kangas will compete for playing time.

Survey Says: Both are talented goalies. I think they will split time for most of the regular season, with Frazee playing in the playoffs.

Minnesota State

The Situation: The Mavericks return juniors Mike Zacharias and Dan Tormey, and freshman Austin Lee.

Survey Says: I think Tormey and Zacharias will both be great this season. If the defense plays well in front of them, they should be right up there with Teslak and Nolan.


The Situation: Alex Stalock is back for his second season, and Kenny Reiter will join the Bulldogs.

Survey Says: If Stalock reigns back some of his aggression, he could be a very good goalie. Reiter will likely be the back-up.

North Dakota

The Situation: Same as last year. Phillippe Lamoureux will be the starter with Anthony Grieco as the back-up.

Survey Says: Lamoureux isn't a great goalie, but has shown the ability to rise to the occasion when needed. He should be a good anchor on a talent Sioux team.

St. Cloud

The Situation: Jase Weslosky will take over for Bobby Goepfert as the starter, with Dan Dunn as the back-up.

Survey Says: Weslosky was great in his first couple of starts, then really struggled at the end of the year. Still, the college experience should really help him this year. He won't be Goepfert, but he'll be good enough.


The Situation: Brian Elliott is gone for the Badgers. Shane Connelly and Scott Gudmanson will compete for playing time.

Survey Says: Connelly struggled early on in his career, but the plan was always to have him ready to start as a junior, which I think he'll do pretty well playing in front of Wisconsin's stout defense.